Peripheral Tunnels Propeller With Alternative Balance

  1. Update [August 27 th 2019]: Patented, this invention is now the US. Pat. 10.392 087 B2.

Today the USPTO published my second granted patent ( US10392087 B2) related to the peripheral tunnel propeller.

The new disclosures, my patent US9157324 about the Peripheral Tunnel Propeller, discloses:

Also, the modulating torque of this propeller maybe used to mimic the noise of other devices to the disguise of the machine’s natural sounds.

Of course the disclosure do not foresee Alternative (variable) Balance as mechanism to modulate the propeller’s torque, neither discloses where such mechanism should be installed, from my research nobody has ever used alternative propeller balance in order to modulate the torque at the shaft, notwithstanding while active balance devices have been used previously, those devices does not foresee a purpose for such ‘collateral torque variation’ introduced while the propeller balance its shifted.

The new Patent also discloses new construction methods related to the cross-section shape which now may start at one end as substantially rounded progressively being reshaped into an oval shape, this shape (not anticipated also) eases manufacturing while retaining most of the conditions needed to avoid turbulence generation as detailed in the patent ‘324, now in both configurations with conical or cylindrical peripheral tunnels.

Another innovation related to Peripheral Tunnels Propeller is to install the balance device inside the gap among each pair of adjacent tunnels, to date no propeller design installs a balance device inside the gap among tunnels, no previous art even considers such possibility, as the ‘balance devices’ used to be temporally installed and not permanent functional devices.

Another disclosure is to use multiple balance devices each compensating the imbalance introduced by another while the concurrent operation effectively modulates torque without actual modification of the propeller balance.

Link to the granted  patent document US10392087 B2 at the USPTO USPTO Publication US 10392087 B2


F. A. Q. about the Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

Frequently Asked Questions

It is  Patented Yet?

– I have TWO UTILITY PATENTS, first one issued 2015 as US9157324 and the latest issued August 27 2019 as US10392087 https

Its just an idea, or it has been tested, do you have working prototypes?

– I have successfully tested embodied as a PC Cooling Fan since 2006, delivering its promises, calibrated professional audio/performance test where made while on patent prosecution.

How about its R&D Progress?

– R&D quite advanced, I can provide 3-D Files to manufacture most applications in just few days, since I also developed my custom 3D CAD solution for this challenging shape.

It is more Efficient?

– same performance/power ratio as bladed impellers, While the design may face more friction, the same is in excess compensated by an much better laminar flow..

Does it Spin Faster or Slower than similar fans?

– It provides the same performance (measured in CFM) at about 15-25% higher spin speed.

How does it manages to be quieter when spinning faster (its against conventional noise teachings)?

– The particular cross-section of the fluid passage (circular cross section in perpendicular plane to the rotational axis) avoid transforming the fluid volume’s shape while the impeller spins, source of the typical ‘brawn’ noise, only friction/vibration noise remains much easier to mitigate.

Also the new Patent provides to install permanently an active balance system to the propeller not just to balance the propeller but also to provide on purpose unbalanced condition when this unbalance matches a noise cancellation sound or when is required to “un-hide” the propeller to avoid it to be profiled or to take away living beings.

Does it can be “printed” using Molds and Thermoplastics or only 3-D printed?

– Both Methods are suitable to manufacture these impellers, “printing” it with thermoplastic demands an more complex mold/de-mold setup but nothing out this world.

Do you accept a Business Proposal?

Maybe, use the provided contact form.

May it be peer-reviewed?

To Easy trust and understand my technology I ‘m ready to provide to qualified partner prospect with PROTOTYPES on NO COMPROMISE (just an NDA  on provisions to not transfer anything to 3rd and in case not reaching partnership agreement or license, to destroy and delete anything related), this way Investors could verify the facts about my technology and have a tangible prime experience with the Peripheral Tunnel Propeller.

TO BE A QUALIFIED PARTNER, an CONTACT ME ON FORMAL LETTER which should be sent with: Company, associated names, address, Why you think you are a good Partner, Capital Available, Network/Marketing resources, some history about your experience in something related.
Some Partner Prospect will be provided with working PC Fan or Directions and 3-D files to easy and fast build a prototype (depend on time/location/customs/etc).

I keep right to disqualify any partnership proposal on my own criteria.


Have a Question Unanswered? contact me, I”ll be happy to answer it ASAP.


Peripheral Tunnel Propeller vs Bladed Propeller 3D Animation


Peripheral Tunnels Propeller Embodied as a Computer Fan vs Bladed Propeller.

Look at what happens when the gas molecules faces the constant circular section from the Peripheral Tunnels Propeller, when a circular container matches a circular content, the latter isn’t perturbed as the container rotates since the container shape relative to it’s content its the same at any angle.

The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller, Pat. US 9157324 B2


The Patent for My Peripheral Tunnels Propeller invention, have been issued by the USPTO on October 13th, 2015  with Patent Number US 9,157,324 B2, having as earliest publication date January 27th, 2011, and as priority date (provisional related application) from July 23, 2009.

[Patent US 9,157,324 B2 at]US9157324B2

For Information request use the contact form provided [here], I’m focused first on Proposals what I consider the most profitable and safe, proposals from non-practicing entities will be respectfully considered but are not my priority, My business model is grant licenses on this Intellectual asset and its new developments (specific info only on NDA), offering not only the Patent License, also Know-How services and CAD tools to generate the required “.stl” files for optimal modeling/build this particular propeller.

NOTICE: 35 U.S.C. § 154(d) about provisional rights under pre-AIA  stands: “a patent shall include the right to obtain a reasonable royalty from any person who, during the period beginning on the date of publication of the application for such patent under section 122(b)”, Accordingly an entity making use of this invention in USA from January 27th, 2011 is committed to reach us and negotiate an compensation on due royalties, I’m considering special NDA agreements in case is required non disclosure to related works or activities, off course this offering is limited by the time this patent is not assigned to an third party, so any entity should contact me as soon as possible, to avoid further exposition or potentially having to deal with other  assignee, or having to pay other expenses and compensation related to legal proceedings.

The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

This is my current main project:

The Peripheral Tunnels Propeller

Peripheral Tunnel Propeller Cutaway

Peripheral Tunnel Propeller Cutaway

This is an Ultra Quiet propeller I invented, Its based on my disclosure of the principle that fluid inside barrels could be accelerated with the minimal turbulence due parasite flows.

This project is on PATENT PENDING.

The Following is a more formal Abstract of what is, and how it works:

Quiet Propeller Design Disclosure, which consists on a Barrel drilled with spirals Peripheral Tunnels..

It main feature is Quiet Operation, this is achieved thanks to the minimal turbulence induced by the tunnels while accelerates/decelerates the liquid or gas, also due the high strength of the device minimize torsional flexions, avoiding noise generation due flexion or deformation and collateral fatigue damage.

Other design’s goodies are:

Allows build on exotic materials for a Propeller, as Ceramics, thermoplastic, Aluminum. Honey-Comb composite,  a combination of both, much more.

Easy mass-production with current well known techniques and modeling tools, at any size scale and any production volume.

Inherent Safe operation, the external barrel shape, doesn’t present edges that hooks or cuts surrounding objects, animals or people, also the inners propeller intakes may be easy protected with minimal performance degradation.

More reliable and durable, the inherent high strength and the circular shape minimizes the damage that impacting objects from   surroundings could do, allowing easy survival to impacts that easy would to destroy a bladed propeller.

Here is in more Detail a PDF that contains the Non-Provisional Patent Application at USPTO: