Personal Cloud, act II – Nube Personal acto II

I’m as a Tech-Freak fan lover of DIY project, used to build my own solutions for everything I could need, this approach is funny, and a source of long hours of entertainment, but to be earnest not always delivered the best of the best, this was the case of my previous “time machine-media-center access point” devices (my 2nd or 3rd post here), Ok with that thing I achieved to do what I wanted, but then comes the issues with Updating Ubuntu (first failed “the media eject and then shut-down” feature for the power-button among other issues related to Wi-Fi drivers), etc, and not having time available for entertainmet (read: solve tech challenges), an factory-made solution seems practical in the horizon.

Sometimes the good luck knocks the doors, and this was the case: Sinology. Inc. gifted me a NAS DS713+ their best dual-hdd solution, I admit this was the only way I would get one, since I have the money to purchase one, I surely would purchased hardware parts or barebones pc to build my own DIY NAS as I used to do.

Synology proves me my approach is good for entertainment but wrong on providing me at the best cost all the features I wanted on a personal cloud.

The Synology DS713+  is available at  empty (no storage inside), My gifted DS713+ arrived empty too, no complaint since I have spare HDD around my office, later I’ll add a couple of 4GB Hard Drives by HGST (formerly known as Hitachi) since are the most reliables right now.

My first impression with this equipment is about the build quality, doesn’t look as an high-tech toaster, instead looks as an miniaturized Mainframe (for those younger than me, Mainframe is the name Given by IBM to the S3xxxx series of central servers, the backbone of the IT industry during the pre-PC and the PC era and seems will last a while during the post-PC era).

Then quickly I installed two 1TB hdd I have unused, the setup was very easy at the point I consider it could be done by anybody, not necessarily tech-savvy guys like me -emh-.Then I began exploring what I could do on this, I know I could install a lot of features from synology’s repositories and from synocommunity’s repositories, at the beginning I planned to use it for media server, torrent, timemachine and centralized file sharing, no problems all the apps installed in a moment, configured it without any complication, actually I was bored on how easy was to setup all this stuff: Download Station (bitorrent, and most popular download protocols), Plesk (media server), MultimediaServer (same as Plesk but for DLNA clients), iTunes server, WordPress (where I run an image of this site), TimeMachine support comes pre-installed, SurveillanceStation (to monitor/recording 2 surveillance cameras at my home, (DS713+ includes licenses for 2 cameras, should be unlimited), CloudStation to sync folders among my PCs and Phones/Tablets. Continue reading

The Sun is always On

The Sun never shutoff, if you need it, move to where no obstacles blocks to you,  and will shine for you every day of your life.
El Sol nunca se apaga, si lo necesitas, mudate donde ningún obstáculo lo bloquee para ti, y brillará para ti cada día de tu vida.

Forgive / Detach

One who is sure of his power can forgive without fear, as one conscious of his transitoriness can understand detachment.
Aquel que esta seguro de su poder puede perdonar sin miedo,como aquel consciente de su transitoriedad es capaz de comprender el desapego.