Peripheral Tunnels Propeller With Alternative Balance

  1. Update [August 27 th 2019]: Patented, this invention is now the US. Pat. 10.392 087 B2.

Today the USPTO published my second granted patent ( US10392087 B2) related to the peripheral tunnel propeller.

The new disclosures, my patent US9157324 about the Peripheral Tunnel Propeller, discloses:

Also, the modulating torque of this propeller maybe used to mimic the noise of other devices to the disguise of the machine’s natural sounds.

Of course the disclosure do not foresee Alternative (variable) Balance as mechanism to modulate the propeller’s torque, neither discloses where such mechanism should be installed, from my research nobody has ever used alternative propeller balance in order to modulate the torque at the shaft, notwithstanding while active balance devices have been used previously, those devices does not foresee a purpose for such ‘collateral torque variation’ introduced while the propeller balance its shifted.

The new Patent also discloses new construction methods related to the cross-section shape which now may start at one end as substantially rounded progressively being reshaped into an oval shape, this shape (not anticipated also) eases manufacturing while retaining most of the conditions needed to avoid turbulence generation as detailed in the patent ‘324, now in both configurations with conical or cylindrical peripheral tunnels.

Another innovation related to Peripheral Tunnels Propeller is to install the balance device inside the gap among each pair of adjacent tunnels, to date no propeller design installs a balance device inside the gap among tunnels, no previous art even considers such possibility, as the ‘balance devices’ used to be temporally installed and not permanent functional devices.

Another disclosure is to use multiple balance devices each compensating the imbalance introduced by another while the concurrent operation effectively modulates torque without actual modification of the propeller balance.

Link to the granted  patent document US10392087 B2 at the USPTO USPTO Publication US 10392087 B2


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