Mini Linux Box as Media Center – TimeMachine – Wireless Router

[This Post is Outdated]

Few Months Ago I owned a Zbox Nano as Media Center / TimeMachine Backup Server and Wireless AP.

What Does this little box for You ?

  • XBMC including features:
    • Media Centre / Home theatre.
    • AirPlay Server (display videos/audio from iOS devices).
    • DLNA Client/Server.
  • Torrent (Transsmission Host / Remote).
  • TimeMachine Server: Allow Apple Devices to Backup and Share Files (also on plugged media).
  • Wireless AP: Allow to share Modem/Ethernet Internet Access and to Access the Server Wireless (with Strong WPA2 Protection).
  • Full PC Functionality (Ubuntu).
  • No Display Needed to access Server Features.
  • Stand Alone Access to Server Features (Airplay, DLNA, TimeMachine), no Network/Router Required.

Nice Features for a sub-300$ Box…

I Wrote some Shell Scripts, for the zBox (AMD-ATI version), not difficult to adapt for other platforms.

You will need an micro PC (Zotac Zbox, Acer Revo,Asus EeeBox,Foxconn, mini-ITX),512MB RAM 4GB USB Drive (empty, formatted), Strong Internet Connection.

  1. First, Download Unetbootin then Create an USB Key Installer for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS -this guide is for LTS version of ubuntu, to get Strong Stabillity and support).
  2. Then Install Ubuntu using the USB Key.
  3. Download the following Scrips and files to your ubuntu User /Home Directory (keep file/directory structure).
  4. Open Terminal and run every script (will ask your password for Super User Privilegies), like this: $> sh
    • those scrips are named on it purpose, most can be used independent to achieve it goal (as the iServers to install TimeMachine functionality). Prior Install XBMC, run Optimize APU, then then .
  5. Optional will uninstall features I think are useless on a MediaCentre Box.
  6. will allow you to change SSID and Password on the Wireless AP feature.
  7. APU optimization is Intended for Zotac zBox (AMD APU), among Optimized driver install, and other optimizations, it will repurpose the power button to use to safe unmount removable media (press  to unmount, then  if no mounted media, will shutdown as usual), If you will use it on another hardware platform read carefully and do research on what to do on your platform to do the same.
  8. is intended for hardware compatible with HostAPD see: of course it’s optimized for zBox hardware so you may (rare) need to optimize it, specially if you want to use 5ghz band.

Fell free to develope it, I release those scripts under MIT License, other files may include different license terms, so I Attach to it.

These files and guide is provided “AS IS” with no warranty and no support.



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